The joker and his angel( 1 min read)

‘What…but…can you not…how can you say this at the last minute…‘, Ria raised her voice; ‘what’s wrong’, asked Bhusan; ‘the event planner just called up…he said the joker isn’t coming –

‘but why…’

‘…his daughter’s fallen sick…what do we tell her now, Bhusan…the party’s about to start -‘


they turned around, hearing their little princess Risana’s voice; ‘yes, dear…’ asked Bhusan, lifting the 5 year-old onto his lap.

‘I don’t want a joker in my birthday party…’

He stole a glance at his wife and asked his daughter, ‘why not…

‘Granny once told me the story of a joker…‘ said Risana in her soft baby voice, then paused for breath and added, ‘…he too had a daughter and she was sick…even though the joker was always sad, he would laugh and entertain kids like me so he could earn enough money for the treatment of his little daughter…but then…‘ Risana stopped and lowered her head, tears rolled down her soft chubby cheeks.


She sniffled and continued, ‘…one day he went home to his daughter, but she was dead…

Bhusan hugged her tightly – ‘It’s just a story, dear…

‘Will you do something for me, Papa…will you send him some money so his daughter doesn’t die…

Bhusan nodded and smiled proudly looking down at his little angel.

photo by Diana Feil via Unsplash


Written by Chirasree, a dreamer for Three Line Tales, Week 71


  1. Great story. Children take so many things to heart and don’t always understand what adults are telling them because they can not always understand the the real circumstances . Granny needs to be more careful of what she tells her granddaughter.

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