Her last call( 1 min read)

‘I’m on my way…will reach in 15.’ Said Arun on the phone.

‘I – ‘ She paused. ‘I…I’m…’ She struggled to utter the words, emitting a long wheezing sigh every time.

‘Are you fine…’ His voice trailed off.

‘You…’ Before she could finish, the phone got disconnected.


‘…so Mr. Ray!’, sighed the Officer, then added, ‘do you still have any doubt?’

Arun lowered his head – ‘I still can’t believe it. It…it can’t be true!’ He buried his face in his hands.

‘It is true Mr. Ray…we’re looking for the scoundrel whom your wife was having an affair with. An hour before the murder, they’d been spotted together outside a shopping mall. Not only that, many of your neighbors had spotted them together in the past.’

‘Close the investigation, Officer.’ Arun sighed.


‘She was my wife. What we discussed should not go outside the confines of this room…you know how reputed our family is, right?…Even her parents are not over the trauma yet – ‘

‘But Mr. -‘

‘I’m ready to offer any amount to cover this up.’


‘No worries…things will be hushed up soon.’ said Arun on the phone.

‘So how long shall I – ‘

Arun cut him off – ‘ – until I tell you to come back…remember, I’m paying you for this. And yes, you did a good job…people had seen you together as we’d planned…it’s plain as day that she was having an affair and her lover ran away after killing her.’

‘And nobody will ever know that you are the one who stabbed her and then dialed your number from her phone. Yours was her last dialed number, so naturally you couldn’t be with her at the time of murder…huh, what a wicked plan!’

Written by Chirasree, a dreamer.




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