Life may not give you a second chance…( 2 min read)



I looked up – ‘yes?’, then quickly looked down.

What is he doing here, I thought, yet maintained a straight face.

‘Hey, what a great surprise!!’ He exclaimed, sat down beside me on the bench, a playful smile tugging on his lips.

‘You!…here?’ I forced out a smile, as if seeing him didn’t affect me in any way.

‘Yeah, I moved to this city a month back. What about you?’

I got lost in my thought, how can he be so normal around me. I lowered my head and wondered.

‘When did you move here?’ He repeated, his eyebrows scrunched up.

I cleared my throat – ‘A year back.’

‘Okay.’ He smiled and a silence followed. ‘This place is exquisite, isn’t it?’ He added a while later, taking a deep breath. The indifference on his face made me more restless.

I nodded silently, how does it not hurt him to see me…doesn’t he –

My thought was interrupted by his words; ‘How is Rohan?’ He asked.

He must be doing it intentionally, I thought, then said, ‘Don’t you know anything?’

‘No…’ He frowned.

‘Rohan and I separated.’ I lowered my eyes.

‘Oh!’ He looked uncomfortable.

‘You were right, Abhay…I shouldn’t have – ‘ I’d just lifted my hand to place it on his, when his cellphone rang and he removed his hand to answer it.

‘Hey, I’ve to go…’ he said, finishing the call.

I stretched out my hand, then gathering all my courage asked, ‘Can we meet again?’

He grinned – ‘Of course, we can…in fact I was just going to invite you for lunch.’

My eyes glinted, the dead part inside of me hoped to be alive again; I smiled and opened my mouth to speak, but he cut in – ‘my wife would love to meet you.’

‘Your wife!!’ I mumbled, then composed myself – ‘When did you get married?’

‘A year back…’ He smiled to himself as if lost in some fond memory and added a moment later, ‘had you not left me to marry him, I would’ve never met the right one…’

I silently watched him go away; …and had I stayed back, I would’ve never lost the right one…, I sniffled away the tears.

Written by Chirasree, a dreamer for Tale Weaver – No 122 – 1/6/17 – The Park



  1. Oh Sree such a sad tale and one of those what if tales….thanks so much for contributing to this weeks Tale Weaver.
    I really liked what you did, thanks again, please come visit us next week.

    Liked by 3 people

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