It’s raining again( 1 min read)

‘The rain looks beautiful, doesn’t it?’ I stretched out my hand and the droplets touched my palm.

‘I love how the rain drops hang from the drenched window grills.’ I added, smiling.

All I could think of was how much I’d missed the rain. I would shut all the windows, pull the curtains and sit on my bed putting the earplugs in. I’d started hating the sound of rain.

After a long time, that day I didn’t stop myself. I closed my eyes and let them see his face. I didn’t open them for a long time, my voice choked up, I swallowed hard, but the tears couldn’t be stopped either; they emerged from the corner of my eyes.

I was wrong to have buried him deep inside my heart, I realized; he deserved to live in it and his memories deserved to be celebrated. I, however, had locked them in an old trunk and kept the key out of my sight.

I moved away from the window, opened the trunk and took a deep breath; a strange hypnotizing smell filled my nostrils. I took out his belongings one by one; I sniffed them all and they still did smell of him.

‘I’m sorry.’ I muttered, hoping he was around to hear it.

Someone knocked at my door.

I wiped the tears, sniffled hard and smiled to myself – ‘I promise to let you live in my heart, to never abandon your memories and to keep loving you without guilt. I know you can hear me, so let me tell you, a part inside of me will remain yours forever.’

I opened the door; they held my hands, tears pouring down their faces; they took me to the man who I got married to this morning.

I wiped their tears –  ‘You never made me feel that you weren’t my parents and it wasn’t my house but my in-laws’…God may have different names and faces, but to me you are God and I will worship you forever.’

– Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. She deserved a second innings in her life albeit keeping a small corner for old memories to celebrate life and not mourn it. Your writing touched my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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