The day my life changed( 1 min read)

The clock strikes 10; my phone buzzes, I disconnect the call from work and turn my face away to stare deep into the darkness; the park is hauntingly empty at this time of the day.

‘Running away isn’t a wise choice, dear – ‘

I look in the direction the voice came from, a man sitting beside me, his face vaguely visible in the faint light; irritably, I utter, ‘Pardon?’

‘Don’t elude the reality – ‘

The calmness in his voice angers me; I reply, ‘Don’t preach to me…this job’s killing my inner self; I’m not who this job demands me to be…I’m an artist, I – ‘

‘Then bring that artist out of its grave…the real world will always try to mold you into a puppet that works as per its master’s rules; only you can listen to your inner self, so it’s your duty to keep it alive…running away from the reality isn’t what a real artist does, rather he turns the harsh face of reality into a beautiful piece of art.’

I get lost in the thoughts induced by his words; suddenly a gruff voice brings me back to the present – ‘It’s time to close the park’; it’s the security guard.

I look to my right and find the seat next to me empty; I ask, ‘Did you see someone, maybe an old man leaving the park?’

He shakes his head in utter irritation.

Written by Chirasree, a dreamer for – SIX SENTENCE STORIES



  1. excellent ‘Six with a moral’… all too true that society/culture wants from us what reinforces our dependency on it, rather than encouraging the individual to find the separate path.
    Welcome to the Six Sentence Story!

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  2. Socrates,mayhaps?:p On a serious note,very insightful about how an artist transforms reality to art,unlike what is generally presumed,as art being an escape from reality.Yes,sometimes it is but many a times quite the opposite

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  3. I was very happy to see you joining us for Six Sentence Stories, and such a wonderful piece it is! I love that this teacher appeared to her to provide wisdom on pursing your desires amidst the demands of dull and uninspiring work. He is right that sometimes running away is not the answer, even when we long to, sometimes there is a way to make a path for both.

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