The curse( 2 min read)

“Are you sure this is the place – ”

I nodded and went ahead.

Tina, my best friend looked up and down the palace and hurried her steps to catch up with me. The main door had been long gone; we stepped inside.

Rays of the Sun penetrating through the half broken glass windows weren’t enough to illuminate the giant hall; rather they made the interior even scarier. The queer silence was so intense that we could even hear each other’s inhalation and exhalation.

To top it all off, the Sun suddenly decided to disappear and rain followed soon after.

Tina fumbled for her phone and turned on the flashlight.

Gingerly we walked up the stairs which seemed wobbly.

“I’m getting an uncanny feeling…” Tina stuttered.

“I told you to wait outside.”

“What’re you really looking for inside this gigantic, creepy piece of shit?” Tina muttered curses.

“I hear my own scream echoing off the walls, Tina…that memory’s getting more prominent with every step I’m taking…I can see that bastard stabbing me to death!!”

“That’s the very reason I don’t want you to stay here…it’ll hurt you.”

“…” I walked on, ignoring her words.

She continued, “What will you gain by all this?…tell me!!…it all happened in your past life…your husband killed you and buried you behind the walls, right?You remembered all this…now let it be…let’s go back!!”

“There must be a reason why – ” I paused, stepping inside the room. Yes this is the same room, I thought; turning back to Tina who was standing outside, I opened my mouth and the door slammed shut by itself.

“I’ve been waiting for you…” an icy cold wind swirled around me, whispering in my ear.

“Open the door, Ria!!” Tina banged on it. I stood there, my legs froze up, my inner voice screamed in fear, but I failed to utter a single word.

The sudden sound of rain-drops hitting the window made my heart pound like crazy.


“Why’re you here?” a voice whispered.

I gathered all my strength – “I’m her…her reincarnation…I’ve come to free her soul.”

I heard faint laughter. “I recognized you the moment you walked in…tell me what you remember from your past life…”

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and narrated memories of me falling in love, getting married, finding out that he loved nothing but the property I’d inherited from my dead parents, eventually being betrayed and killed by him.

I opened my eyes – “Who’re you?”

“Do you remember where he buried her dead-body?”

“Yes, in this room itself…behind that wall…” I pointed to the opposite wall.

“Really? But how do you remember that if you were already dead?”


“Tell me about her life before she met him…anything!!”


“What else do you remember post her death?”

“…that he told everybody she eloped with her lover and – ” I paused, getting her point; composing myself, I added, “I’m not her reincarnation??”

Your sin will haunt you in every life – these were her last words…”

“Who’re you?” My heart skipped a beat.

“I’m who you thought you were…I’m the woman you deceived, betrayed, killed and as you just revealed, buried behind this wall. Remember one thing, your sin will forever haunt you…”

– Chirasree, a dreamer.

Written for – Thursday photo prompt: Inside-out #writephoto


  1. Wooo girl
    That’s some scary shit with a twist that she was the husband who wronged his wife.
    Creative, scary, suspense, twisted and open ended
    So many things in so few words.
    I wonder if the girl in every birth came to that room to end her or his life there after knowing the truth.
    Cool stuff

    Liked by 2 people

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