Dark secret( 1 min read)


“Answer me!” The police officer shouted irritably at the maid.

The maid cleared his throat – “The door’d been locked from the inside since last evening…I broke it this morning and – “. He broke down.

“So, Mrs. Basu…why do you think your daughter might have committed suicide?” Asked the officer, motioning to the maid to leave the room.

She wiped the corner of her eyes – “she looked upset about something – “. Her voice choked.

“Wasn’t she your stepdaughter?” The officer smirked.

“What has that to do with anything?” She swallowed hard.

“Just confirming…” he grinned.

His gaze then shifted to the father – “Ah Mr. Basu!”

He remained silent.

“Rumor has it that she found out some of your dark secrets.” The officer winked.

“She was my daughter, officer!” Mr. Basu buried his face in his palms.

“This makes sense. She threatened you and killing her was the best – ”

Mrs. Basu stood up – “I beg you…don’t talk to him like that…” She put her hand on her husband’s shoulder.

After a minute, she excused herself and came out of the room.

Mr. Basu smiled and stretched his hand out to the officer – “you’re a commendable actor!”

“You’re paying me enough for it, Sir.”

“She was my niece…I adopted her after her parents’d died. Look what she did! She threatened to expose me. So I got her killed. How could I take a risk? Election’s just a month away!!”

“There’s nothing to worry anymore, sir”.

The officer smirked, checking his mobile from the corner of his eye.

Mrs. Basu smiled hearing their conversation on the other end of his phone.

“Poor thing! He has no idea that the officer is on my side. That adopted daughter of his is dead and he’ll soon go to jail. I get all his property.”


Word count – 300

Written for – JSW Prompt 5-15-2017






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