I’ll never say goodbye to you( 2 min read)

“Love and relationships are so different nowadays, isn’t it?” I asked my wife.

She smiled – “In our times, love wasn’t a matter of concern, especially to a daughter’s family; the concern was to get their daughter married. Naturally there was no guarantee that one would fall in love after marriage.”

“But we did…that too before marriage.” I winked at her.

Her cheeks grew red.

“I saw your photograph…my mother asked me if I liked it and I nodded shyly.” I added.

“I however saw it after our marriage was finalised. My mother handed me a photo and informed me that the man in it was going to be my husband…I was scared as hell.” She laughed lightly.

“I hid it inside my wallet instantly lest someone takes it away. I must admit you looked breathtaking in that photo.” I looked at my wife; she blushed. Then I continued –

“I craved to hear your voice. For reasons unknown, I pictured you having a good singing voice and decided to ask you to sing on our wedding night.”

“And I turned out to be a disaster.” She said and we both burst out laughing.

She added – “I remember the day my brother brought your first letter to me; he was upset and gave strict orders to not exchange letters. But…”

“…I didn’t stop…I sent them through your friend…what was her name by the way?”

“I don’t remember” She replied.

“And then our wedding day finally arrived.” I said, closed my eyes, and recalled the moment I saw her for the first time in that red wedding attire.

“I realised my love for the first time as we held hands and uttered the oaths of marriage together.” She said, her eyes dropped and she blushed.

Putting my hand over hers, I smiled. “I still see that newly wedded shy bride in you.”


Rahul stood in a distance, teary-eyed, staring at his father, sitting on a bench in the yard of the nursing home.

“He talks with his wife all day long.” The nurse said, standing next to Rahul.

“He doesn’t recognize me any more…all he remembers is his wife, my mother…who’s been dead for 2 years.” Rahul said, blinking his eyes.

“They were madly in love, I must say.” The nurse said, smiling.

“They still are…I wonder if my father imagines her or she really talks with him.” He muttered and walked towards the yard to meet his father before leaving.

– Chirasree, a dreamer.




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