Come be a part of our wedding

“Will we ever get married?” She asked, teary-eyed.

“Why are you so worried about it?” He asked, smiling.

“Our parents are against it, you know right!”

“So does that make you stop loving me?”


“Me neither…” he retorted. Wiping her tears, he added, “I wonder what marriage really is! Is it some sort of test in the institution of love? Does it give us a certificate to continue loving each other?”

“They say it binds you to that person forever…we’ll be together in our next lives.” She replied.

“Don’t get me wrong, but how do you even know there will be a next life?”

“I…” She opened her mouth.

“Listen to me…” he took her hands and added, “I love you beyond the boundaries of life…I don’t know how long our lives will last, but even they do not have the power to end this love…

our love will continue to breathe in the promises we’ve made,

in the heartbreaks we give each other,

inside the four eyes that whisper to each other every time we fight,

in the questions that arise in your heart, yet you never dare to ask,

in the desires that well up in my heart every time I see you, still I prefer to wait,

Love stays alive in the unspoken words, in the untaken actions, in the never-spoken promises and in the tears we’ve ever shed for each other…” he paused for breath.

“…that cannot be tested or given permission to, cannot be approved or disapproved and cannot be murdered, intensified or rekindled by the vows, boundaries or regulations of marriage.” She completed his incomplete sentence with tears of happiness in her eyes.

“Now that is real marriage…wedding of two souls.” He said, kissing her.

Love and marriage both smiled and celebrated the union of two souls, somewhere looking down at them.


– Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. They better get married or they will end up marrying different people only to turn into a disaster. Love and marriage both will screw them individually at intervals otherwise.

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    1. yeah marriage is a beautiful thing.. but it is sometimes considered(by society/some group of people of course) a certificate that allows people to love each other and they make people believe that love needs that certificate or else it’s a sin. I wanted to convey this message that getting married or not is individual decision. Love anyway doesn’t need any permission/certificate/approval. 🙂

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      1. It’s not about certificate of approval but choosing life long companionship of the one you love. But I agree to your concept that love and marriage are two different concepts that can happen individually.

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