The girl in the mask

“Your eyes are beautiful…”

She laughed hard – “flirting, huh?”

“What if I say yes?”

“You haven’t seen my face yet…”

She turned around; I held her hand – “Show it then…get rid of the mask.”

“What if the face behind it doesn’t meet your expectations?” She retorted.

“It won’t matter…”

“Then don’t see it…”

I sighed – “How will I find you if I wish to see you again?”

Not caring to reply, she slipped into her car; “You’ll miss your flight…” She shouted.

I sat beside her silently.

I hardly knew this girl sitting behind the wheel, driving me to the airport. Two days back when I met her at a themed party, she had this mask on like everybody else. She was the most lively girl I’d ever met.

We spent the whole night talking on the beach; she wasn’t just another girl. She did everything in her own queer way. I didn’t know why she hid her face, but I could tell that it wouldn’t have lessened or intensified my liking for her.

“I like you.” I blurted out.

“People’s definitions of like and love have always hurt me…”

“Mine won’t…trust me.”

“Even after seeing this!!” She said, removing the mask from her face.

I jerked back; the right side of it was completely burnt and distorted.

She smiled – “No worries, I’m used to rejection…”

I opened my mouth to tell her…

Suddenly there was a loud bang and the car spun out. It flipped over; My head collided with the window. It flipped a couple more times before coming to a stop. My vision began to go blurry; the last thing I saw was her eyes fixed on mine.

“It doesn’t make me like you any less…” I wanted to tell her, before it’d happened.


Word count – 300

Written for – Photo fiction #86 (above picture is provided by them)


  1. πŸ™‚ thank you so much for your appreciation. however if my other stories are good is up to you to decide. Please take the time to read them and leave your feedback πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh my but this is sweet. This touched me, and I see it’s touched quite a few others. If you ever decide to finish it could you please let me know. Please please please? I will follow you, but me and the reader aren’t the best of friends. Thank you for sharing.

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