It wasn’t worth it

My hands trembled as I clicked on the email –


It’s been a year. I don’t know saying it now would matter or not, but I’m sorry. I mean it. I don’t regret leaving country to pursue my dream…the only thing I regret is leaving you and telling you to not wait. I thought the distance would complicate the relationship. 

Life is very lonely here. I miss you all the time. I’m writing to you in the hope that you’re still waiting for me. Do reply…I’ll wait. 

– Rehaan

A teardrop fell on the keyboard as I started typing –

Today you freed me from an undying wait. My heart stood still seeing your mail. I dared to hope again. But as I read it, I knew I took the right decision. You know what! my life hasn’t been lonely here, still I missed you. See the difference!

I’ve found love again and today I’m getting engaged to him. Do wish us a happy life. Goodbye!!

                                                                                                                                 – Rihaana 

I hit the Send button and the fly sitting on the keyboard flew away; I smiled looking at it, picturing my heart finally being freed from the chains of the wrong love.


– Chirasree, a dreamer.

Word count – 199

Photo prompt – Sunday photo fiction



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