My silly best friend

“Scooby!! it’s not a ball…come back.” She shouted to me.

“She’s so dumb!…can’t she see it’s round?…it has to be a ball!!” I woofed and ran faster. Anyway she seldom understood what I said when I barked.

I’d never seen a ball like that before. What was it made of? I could see the sky through it. Unlike other balls, it was bigger and colorless, flying slowly with its edge waving back and forth.

“I’m falling in love…” I blinked, then barked, feeling ecstatic.

She laughed harder; “You’re a silly dog!!” She shouted.

“She never gets me…silly girl!!” I barked angrily.

I reached for it but the ball flew higher; was it playing with me too? I lifted my front legs and jumped higher. It was right in front of my eyes; I widened my mouth and…

“Yes!!! I grabbed it…” I barked, turning towards my friend.

But it disappeared; where did it go?

“You poor thing! I told you it wasn’t a ball…you popped the bubble.” She caressed my head.

Laying my head in her lap, I barked – “you don’t get me all the time, still you’re my best friend.”


– Chirasree, a dreamer.

(Word count – 196)

Photo(Featured image) credit – Selsmith 

Photo prompt – Fortnight Friday Fables #1


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