It took us ages…


The waiter pointed to the far corner.

I looked around the cafe; it was mostly filled with young crowd. I walked to table no.19.

I sat down and wondered – “Will I recognize him? What if he looks different from his photo?”

“Hi…” hearing his voice, I looked up.

I smiled nervously, dropping my eyes. He sat down across from me and asked – “Tea, right?…you always hated Coffee…”

“He still remembers…” my heart whispered. “Yeah…without milk and sugar.” I said softly.

We sat silently; He stared at me, whereas I avoided looking in his eyes.

“I see you looking at your watch…are you getting late?”

“Actually they’ll get worried if I don’t reach home before it gets dark.”

He laughed out loud – “Nothing has changed, right?…except now you’re 60 and I’m 65. Before it was our parents and now it’s our children.”

I started laughing too and looked in his eyes for the first time after 42 years, 5 months and 10 days.


– Chirasree, a dreamer.

(Word count – 164)

Photo credit: Dawn Miller.

Thank you Dawn for the photo prompt!

FFfAW Challenge


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