Not just another love story

July, 2006

A shy girl stepped inside her new school; she was scared and had no idea what a big town school would be like.

She entered her classroom. “I don’t know anybody here…what am I gonna do?” She clutched her schoolbag tightly, walked to the last bench and sat on it.

August, 2006

Hey Diary,

You know I’ve made two friends already!! I’m starting to like this school now. It’s not as scary as I thought. But I still get cold feet when I stand up in the class and all the boys and girls look at me. I still don’t know half of them. Bye!

She wrote it in her diary and slept with a smile on her face.

September, 2006

“You know he likes you!” the girl on the second last bench said, pointing to the boy on the second bench in the first row.

The boy turned to the quiet girl and smirked; She furrowed her brow and turned her face away.

“Look how he smiles! idiot!” She whispered into the ears of her friends and they burst out laughing.

                                                        A day later

The girl stood in a crowded school bus which was passing by the bus stop near her school.

The boy was walking down the street with his friends; he shifted his gaze to her suddenly and smiled smugly.

“That same wicked smile!” She thought and looked away.

October, 2006

“Can I sit on this bench?” He asked pointing to the bench next to her.

She shrugged – “Your wish! Why are you asking?”

He sat there silently. The class started.

“Hey look! He’s gazing at you.” Her friends giggled.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw the boy looking intently at her. She couldn’t help but blushed.

                                                    In the afternoon

Today again she didn’t get a seat in her school bus; As the Bus passed by the bus stop, she saw the boy standing with his friends.

He smiled at her; the naughtiness in his eyes made her give him a shy smile back.

His friends teased him, while he kept staring at her.

Hey Diary,

I shouldn’t have smiled. Now he would think I like him. Shit!

November, 2006

“Hey, he wants to know if you like him or not.” the girl on the second last bench turned around and asked.

“No. I don’t.” The girl replied with a straight face; her heart sighed inside.

                                          A couple of minutes later

“She said no.”

The boy sighed in disappointment; he watched the girl as she walked past him and the word ‘NO’ kept spinning around in his head.

“She would say yes one day.” He said to himself.

December, 2006

“Please come to the trip with us.” Her friends pleaded.

“My parents didn’t agree.” She made a sad face.

All her classmates left for the weekend trip a day later.

She was watching TV with her mother, when the landline buzzed. “Hello!” She answered.

“Hey we’re missing you.” Her friends shouted from the other end. She sighed, “Me too.”

After a few seconds of silence, a familiar voice was heard on the other end – “I miss you here.”

Her heart skipped a beat; she blushed.

Hey Diary,

I think I miss him too.  I miss my friends.

January, 2007

“This is for you.” He said handing her the new year greeting card.

“I can’t take this.” she asked.

“Please keep it…I bought it with my pocket-money.” The innocence in his eyes refrained her from saying no.

Hey Diary,

I took the card. He isn’t that bad.

February, 2007

“Aunty, would you please pass the phone to her?” Her friend phoned her landline after she missed school.

“Hey tell me.” She said taking the phone.

“It’s me.” He answered from the other end and added, “I know your parents are strict, so…I just wanted to know if you are okay.”

“Yeah…I’m fine.” She laughed lightly.

“I’m missing you.” He said.

“Me too.”  Her heart replied.

March, 2007

Hey Diary,

It’s a strange feeling. I never felt like this before. I don’t know why my eyes crave to see him all the time. Why do I blush when he walks past me? What’s happening to me? I’m scared. Is this…???

Her mother came to pick her up from school today. They waited for a Bus while he stood in a distance with his friends. The Bus stopped before them and she followed her mother.

He sighed; the confession in her eyes was opaque to him.

She turned around and smiled before getting on the Bus; it made him blush for the first time.

April, 2007

Hey Diary,

I think I’m in love. But I’ve already said no. Would he ever ask again? He just keeps staring at me all the time…and says nothing. I’m too shy to confess my feelings.

“Do you love him?” Her friend asked.

“Why?” She lowered her eyes, trying to hide her feelings.

“I think he’s madly in love with you. Do you want me to talk to him?”

She cut her short – “No…don’t.”

Her heart sighed once again.

May, 2007

“Can I gift you something on your birthday?” He asked.

“Why?….we aren’t friends.” She replied.

“You know what we are, right?”


“Don’t act like you don’t know what I feel for you…” He hesitated.

“Say it idiot!” Her friends shouted from behind and giggled.

He took a deep breath – “Okay! I love you…Do you love me?”

“Yes.” She dropped her eyes and blushed.


May, 2017

“Happy 10th Anniversary.”

They cut the cake and celebrated their love, reminiscing about how it started.

– Chirasree, a dreamer.









  1. it was a sweet love story and best part was not described that it lasted 10 years but I guess I left that readers imagination but was a really cute and simple to understand

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ya that’s why I said the best part of how they maintained there 10 years of relationship was for readers to imagine I might have typed something wrong

        Liked by 1 person

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