Save me from falling

“Will your parents ever be happy with our relationship?” He sighed.

“Don’t know…but we are happy with it.” I replied.

He asked – “Will you be happy with me without your parents’ blessings?”

“Who said they wouldn’t bless us?”

He looked at me in confusion – “you said they didn’t approve of our relationship.”

“You know what our parents see when they look at us. They see the new-born baby who held their fingers, and remember their promise of protecting it forever.

They see the toddler who crawled around the house not knowing that danger may stand in the way.

They see the 6-year-old who turned back every few seconds while learning to ride a bike just to check if they were there to save it from falling.

They see the 13 year old mischief-maker who made a crying face every time its mischief was caught by them.

They see the collegian who came home with tears in its eyes after its heart was broken for the first time.

They still want to protect the infant that they see in us…they still want to save us from falling…they dread to see the tears in our eyes for they know it would leave a scar next time, not just some dried up tears.” I replied.

“I understand your point, but then…what is our fault?”

“Who said we are at fault?

Our parents have made us capable enough to make our own decisions. Whether we admit it or not we do make mistakes; likewise whether they admit it or not they feel proud every time we stand up after falling down. They secretly wish that we learn to walk our path on our own. But at the same time they wish that we never fall down while walking.

Is it really possible to learn walking on your own if you don’t fall? They know the answer, but they love us too much to ever admit it.

They have always blessed me, and I believe they’ll keep doing that for they know it’s their blessings that throw a beam of light on the path I’m walking. Don’t worry! They’ll always keep trying to protect me because they know the child in me will always reach for their fingers.”

– Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. So true you explained it real good I loved this statement though “our parents made us capable enough to make our own decisions.” Keep going miss you awesome.

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  2. Lovely read! Parent’s are an essential part of growth. I am glad that you felt loved and cherished by yours. Looking forward to more of your writings 😀 Hope your Easter was special. I didn’t celebrate…as I have been transitioning to a new apartment and we all know moving is such a hassle (Laughs). My new post is also up. Internet took forever to establish so I apologize for the brief delays.

    Cheers my friend!

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  3. You managed to encapsulate a lifetime of parenting into one short post. Nicely done.

    As I come from generations of parents who disapproved their children’s choices of spouses, I have tried hard to be different with my daughters. I wonder if you have children and if you have thought about how you will react when they bring someone home.

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