I eloped from love

He hadn’t changed a bit; I saw him before he did. He was standing before the checkout counter. I was on this side of the road waiting to cross it. I was so lost in his face that I even forgot to cross the road. He came out of the Supermarket holding a trolley and suddenly looked in my direction. I looked away instantly. “Thank God!” I muttered; “Did he notice me?” I asked myself. My heart skipped a beat.

Yes he did. Even though I didn’t look at him, I knew he noticed me. I pretended to look at the road, at the cars passing by. I started walking across the road towards the Supermarket. I could feel his eyes on me as if those eyes were still seeking answers from me. I knew what they wanted to ask for I was the one who had evoked those questions in his mind in the first place. I could tell he took a step back seeing me. “What is he thinking?…does he want me to look at him?…Or is he trying to hide from me?” I thought to myself.

I think he too was nervous like me; he had always been like that since our childhood days. We used to be best friends. Nobody knew him better than me. I shared all my secrets with him except one – that I loved his friend George. George and I was madly in love with each other.  I wanted to surprise him with the news, instead one day he surprised me by saying – I love you. Neither I said yes, nor I could say no to his face.

My silence was interpreted as a yes. I didn’t know how to tell him the truth for I didn’t want to lose my best friend. But I did; I eventually lost him. I eloped with his best man George while he kept waiting for me at the altar.

The more time I spent with George, the more I missed my best friend Joe. The love soon turned into bitterness; the madness soon turned out to be a temporary attraction. Within a year I realized that my marriage with George was a mistake. We got divorced a year later.

I spent the next 3 years of my life trying to build a career for myself; I had shut every door inside of me on love. But still every time I closed my eyes at night, I would see his face, Joe’s face. I would open his contact on my mobile and stare at his picture for hours until I fell asleep. I would dial his number and instantly disconnect the call, not knowing what to say if he answered it. There hadn’t been a single day that I spent without thinking about him. I wondered why I couldn’t forget him.

Was it only guilt?conscience?

or was it regret? the dreaded wish to see him again? the fear of admitting my love for him; the love that I never realized.

I came back to this town a couple of months back; he had probably heard the news. I didn’t try to contact him, although that was the very reason I came back here. I wanted to apologize to him.

From the corner of my eye I noticed him duck into the bakery as I reached the Supermarket entrance. I passed by the bakery and entered the mall. A few seconds later, I turned around and silently watched him get into his car and drive off.

What if I had realized my love 6 years back on the day he proposed to me? What if I didn’t elope with George on our wedding day? What if a couple of minutes back I confronted him and said sorry?

What if we had a timely love? I think it’s too late…

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– Chirasree, a dreamer




  1. Great post! The part that stands out the most to me is the unrequited love. Seeking it so strongly, but never really finding it. Even in the end, you question whether she even loves herself.

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  2. Beautiful. I love how you’ve told the story from her perspective rather than
    Joe’s. It brings a new layer of knowledge and understanding. We feel her regret and pain yet we know it can’t be one sided from his reaction to her.

    Thank you for taking part in the show vs tell workshop, I think it’s invaluable to share our methods and knowledge.

    Hope to see you next time.

    Nicola x

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  3. I just this one too and your writing is something you now in both of these post I found love and complications of life its good to read about and your ideas are something too people like reading things like this

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