My best friend Danny

“She doesn’t like us talking with each other.” I whispered to Danny, my best friend.

“It’s your fault…I told you not to talk to me when she’s around.” Danny said softly.

“You are my only friend in this house Danny…who else should I talk to?”

“Hush! I can hear her footsteps.” Danny placed a finger before his pursed lips.

“I don’t know why she reacts like that when I talk to him.” I thought to myself; she walked past my room and smiled at us. I think she’s keeping an eye on us.


“I’m worried for him.” She said to her husband, entering their bedroom.

“Why?” her husband asked, looking up from his laptop screen.

“He talks with an imaginary friend all day long.”

“It’s no big deal…even I used to talk to myself when I was his age…he’s a 6 year-old kid Ritu! don’t be so hard on him.” her husband laughed lightly and got busy in his laptop again.

She sighed. “Is he really talking to himself?…or…” she shuddered at the mere thought of it.


I feel sad; Danny isn’t talking to me after she scolded us last night. I wonder what I’m supposed to do. Last Sunday was my 6th birthday and the only friend I have here is Danny. So naturally I wanted to celebrate it with him. But when she got to know about it, she shouted at us – “If you want to make friends, go out and make real friends!”

What is a real friend?…are we not real friends? obviously we are…he’s not a teddy bear after all. He can talk…he can walk…he does everything that I do.

I’m sure she would understand one day.


Everyday Danny sleeps in my room. He sleeps in my bed, next to me. But today he didn’t show up. I don’t know why he’s avoiding me. Doesn’t he know that he is my only friend? I let him stay in my room, play with my toys, sleep in my bed and now he’s not even talking to me. I’m scared; I don’t like to sleep alone in this room.

I’m mad at you Danny. I won’t talk with you ever again. You left me alone. Have you made new friends?


“Hey Danny!” I called out.

“Shh! don’t shout…do you want to get scolded again? I’m staying away from you for your own good. now go away.” Danny said and walked away.

I feel lonely. I don’t want to lose my best friend. Why is she doing this to us? I’ve always been a good boy, still she doesn’t like me. I’m sure she hates me. She took my only friend away from me.

I hate you!! I hate you!!


I don’t know what time it is right now for I don’t know how to tell time on a clock. But I’m sure it’s quite late in the night. I can’t sleep alone in this room anymore. Danny didn’t show up today as well. I know he’s afraid of her. I’ve found out where he is. I’ll go talk to him. Everybody must be sound asleep now.

I get off the bed and gingerly walk towards the other room. There are only two rooms in this house; the other room is just opposite mine, a few steps away. It’s so dark that I can’t see anything. I feel like shouting his name, but I check myself; I don’t want to wake her up.

I open the door slowly. There he is! I knew he would be here. “Danny!…Danny!” I whisper to avoid being heard.

Is he asleep? “Danny!” I raise my voice this time.

Danny opens his eyes. “What are you doing here?” he asks, blinking his eyes.

“I’m scared Danny. Please come to my room.”

“No I can’t. They are keeping an eye on us.” He whispers.

“Who are you talking to Danny?”

Danny turns around hearing her voice.

Oh God…she’s awake! She sits up on the bed and turns on the bedside lamp. “Who are you talking to? Tell me!” she asks him again.

“Nobody, Mom!” he looks scared.

“Is it your imaginary friend Ruhan?” his Mom asks in an angry tone.

“Yes…yes Mom. He says he’s scared…he can’t sleep alone in that room.” Danny says.

“What are you saying Danny? We can’t see anybody in this room…we’ve had enough of your drama. If I see you talk to yourself ever again, I’ll take you to a Doctor…understand?” his Dad shouts at him.

Danny is crying. “Don’t cry Danny. Please!!”

Why are they scolding him? He was talking to me. Can’t they see me? Am I not real?

– Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. Wow! 😀
    I am reading this before going to sleep, I hope Danny doesn’t haunt me in my dreams 😂
    Loved this one, please write more of pyscho thrillers. 🙂🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Its like movie plot a kid talking to imaginary friend to be honest even I had an imaginary lover when I was kid I saw her in some Hollywood movie and I was convinced I was gonna marry her till I was 8 and I was tired of waiting so I gave up

    Liked by 1 person

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