“Why is she here?…why did you bring her home?” 5 year old Rehaan asked his parents in an irritated tone.

His mother smiled and replied,” she is your sister dear! you were so excited to meet her…don’t you remember?”

“No…I hate her. I thought you would bring a toy for me. Now it seems more like your toy than mine…you spend all your time with her. I don’t wanna see her face.” He said and ran out of the room.

His mother sighed, while his father laughed lightly and said,” give him some time.”

*********5 years later**********

“Dada!( Bengali word for elder brother) see my new toy…Papa got it for me.” Little Riya ran to her elder brother, who just returned from school.

“Don’t call me Dada! I’m not your Dada…understand? now get lost.”

Tears welled up in her eyes; she wiped them away.

************ 1 year later************

“I’ll tell Mom everything!” Rehaan smirked, as he watched his sister opening the fridge and sneaking some ice cream into her mouth.

Riya got nervous, hearing her brother’s voice and turned around.” Sorry…please don’t tell her. I’ll do whatever you say.” She got teary-eyed.

“Okay, then give me the ice cream, I’ll have it and don’t you dare tell Mom about it. It’s a deal, understand?” he said, widening his eyes at her.

Riya nodded,” Can I now call you Dada?” she asked.

“Yeah…whatever.” Rehaan took the ice cream and walked away.

***************10 years later****************

“Who’s that guy you were talking with?” Rehaan asked his sister as she entered the house.

“He’s my friend Dada…why?” Riya furrowed her brow.

“He’s not a good fellow. Keep your distance from him…understand?”

“Dada! you can’t tell me who I should be friends with and anyway why do you care?” Riya rolled her eyes.

“…because you are my sis…te…r.” Rehaan uttered, but Riya had already left.

********************6 years later****************

Rehaan took the luggage and loaded it inside the car trunk. Riya hugged her teary-eyed parents, got into the car and waved goodbye. She was busy on her mobile, while Rehaan watched her through the rear view mirror sitting behind the wheel.

“She grew up so fast!” he sighed. He felt twinges inside, but couldn’t comprehend why he was sad.

“All my life I have hated her for taking the love and attention away from me and now I feel pain to say goodbye!” he frowned.

“Riya!” he called out.

“Yes Dada?” Riya looked up from her mobile.

Rehaan stared at her face through the mirror for a few seconds and said,” take care of yourself. Do enjoy your life…but be careful, okay?” he shifted his gaze to the road.

They reached the Airport. Riya took her luggage and hugged her brother,” Bye Dada.” she said.

“Yeah…bye.” Rehaan swallowed hard.

Riya turned around to leave; she stopped suddenly after taking a few steps and turning back, asked,” why do you hate me so much Dada?”

“Maybe because a part of me knew that loving you wouldn’t be so easy, saying goodbye would be hard and the mere thought of staying away from you would be like giving away a part of myself.” Rehaan thought to himself, took a deep breath and said –

“You’ve always been trouble…I’m relieved that finally you’re going away from home.” he forced out a smile.

“Don’t be so happy…I’ll come home on vacation.” Riya made a face and turned around.

“I’ll wait for my sister.” Rehaan muttered to himself with a watery smile.

– Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. I have a bro and we are like all time manly kinda brother we never even say sorry to each other I and living in hostel right now and I know he miss me but we never talk on phone

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