The epic love of my life

“You know nothing about love, Mom!” my 25 year old daughter uttered in frustration after I gave her a piece of advice. I smiled smugly to myself.

“I don’t see any love between you and Dad…you always fight. You whine about your married life all the time.” She added, making a face.

I nodded approval and said,” Yes. You are right.” I sighed.

My daughter smirked.” I wonder how you managed…” she said and started typing something on her mobile.

I stared at her for a while and hesitated a bit before saying,” You know!…I once fell in love with a man…”

She shifted her gaze to me and sat up in bed;” What! You had a boyfriend!…tell me about him.” she exclaimed.

“Hmm…” I nodded and a moment later, added,” I met him at a function. I didn’t notice him, but he did.” I smiled staring blankly at the wall, then continued –

“A friend of mine introduced us to each other. He was not a handsome man, so naturally his looks didn’t impress me. But I could tell he was smitten with me; while we talked, he didn’t take his eyes off me, and that kind of made me uncomfortable. I tried thinking of a way to excuse myself and leave the room, but he just wouldn’t stop talking. After a couple of minutes, he realized my discomfort and asked –

you are getting bored, aren’t you?


He understood that I was lying. He smiled slightly and said –

I know I’m not a good talker…I…I just wanted to know you.


I saw you the moment I walked into the room…you were sitting on the sofa in the far corner. It may sound strange…but I like you. 

He dropped his eyes.

I must leave…I’m getting late. 

I said and left without looking back. But the honesty with which he expressed his fondness for me, made it harder for me to forget him. A month passed; one day I received a letter…a small piece of paper. A little boy working in the nearby tea shop handed it to me while I was entering college.

I don’t know if you remember me, but I never forgot you…

I knew it was from him. I smiled and put it inside my bag. We exchanged letters for the next few months; I told him I didn’t want to meet, and he never insisted. He became my confidant, a friend, a guide and the love that you never forget. But like all good things come to an end, I realized our story too was heading towards the ending; I wrote him a letter saying my father was looking for my groom. He wrote me back asking –

Will you marry me?…” I paused, still staring at the wall and reminiscing about the old days.

“What happened next?” my daughter asked; her eyes widened.

I sighed,” …I got married a couple of months later.” I got off the bed and headed towards the door.

“Didn’t you write him back?…didn’t you want to marry him, Mom?”

I turned around and smiled,” I did…I said yes and we got married…he’s your father dear!”

She was dumbfounded; a while later she asked,” …but yours was an arranged marriage…”

“That’s what my parents knew…and everybody else, except your father and I…” I laughed out loud.

“What! you had such an epic love story!” She was still awestruck.

“It’s still epic…we are still madly in love with each other. That’s what I tried to tell you dear…the love that you feel for him right now, will go through many phases and at times you’ll feel like it’s on the cusp of ending, but if you hold on to it there’s nothing more beautiful than that.”

I laughed again, seeing the perplexed and amusing expression on her face.


  1. Niceeee interesting
    So the guy ahould always initiate marriage right… we can only give hints :))))
    I loved it
    The story.. thank god it had a happy ending..

    pls go thru my katest blogpost on FOMO
    I wrote it day before when i was feeling sleepless on a whim 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good some how I missed this one its good again you bought the main twist in end and love is something that every one loves to read about so perfect

    Liked by 1 person

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