I am right next to you

“Do you remember the first time we came here together?” I asked him, as the first wave touched my feet.

“We stepped into the sea together…holding hands…looking into each other’s eyes…” I recalled and started walking through the shallow waves. I looked to my right and saw him; I smiled and held his hand tightly.

he stared at the sea and smiled to himself;” Are you too thinking of me…of our old days together?” I pondered, gazing at him and blushed.

“Do you remember how you pulled me into the sea and taught me to survive the bigger waves? I was so scared of them. Suddenly a big wave came on us and losing grip on your hand, I went completely under water. I reached out for your hands, but you too were struggling to maintain your balance. For the next couple of seconds, I thought I would not survive; I thought the wave would pull me far away into the sea. I couldn’t call out your name; I half-opened my eyes and saw your legs in the distance. I tried to hold them, but failed. Just when I thought the water was going to take me away, you grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I hugged you tightly and kept wheezing for a minute or so. You wrapped your hands around my waist and kissing me on my forehead, laughed lightly – why are you so scared?…I was right next to you – you had said.” I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder.

Those moments were beautiful; I wish I could pause them right there and relive them again and again. I tightened my grip on his hand, but he didn’t; he didn’t even look in my direction. he looked to his right and holding her hands, he said,” Why are you so scared…I am right next to you.”

“You can’t see me anymore…” I said, looking at him and left his hands – “I think it’s time to let go of your hands…you’ve finally got over the miseries of my death.” I watched as he went ahead with his wife.

“I miss you Shreeya. I don’t know if you can see me or hear my inner voice screaming, but I need you…don’t leave my hands.” Ankit swallowed hard and thought to himself, as every wave, every wind and the water touching his feet reminded him of his dead girlfriend.

– Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. I spirit deciding to move on after believing her love had forgotten her. Sad, indeed. We both used the sea in our stories. Such a melancholy mood and the sea so dangerous. You painted the atmosphere well. I had some difficulty with the punctuation and following the stream of consciousness…especially at the end where I didn’t know it had switched minds.

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  2. Man again this one was breath taking at beganing it was like ya a normal love scene but in last para I was omg this is good you are way to good in raising the heartbeats

    Liked by 2 people

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