He is waiting for me…

In just 5 minutes I’ll see him again, I’ll pass by the bus stand and he will be sitting on a bench staring at me. I will look at him and the little boy won’t look away until I’ll be out of his sight. He’ll be dressed in his school uniform, holding the bag in one hand and a bottle in another.

It’s been a month since I first saw him; I was on my way home from work and was busy on a conference call, when my eyes fell on him. He was sitting on a bench at the bus stop talking with his friends; suddenly he shifted his gaze to me and our eyes locked. For a moment I froze up; I felt a twinge of pain and void inside. He reminded me of someone and instantly I turned my face away. Next day I saw him again; this time he was sitting alone and looking steadily at the road as if he was waiting to see me. I looked away again.

That day, after a long time I recalled my past, the haunting days of my life. I remembered I once was a doting wife and a mother. The more I tried to love my husband, the more he made me loathe him. He and his family made my life a living hell. The only hope I had was the baby in my womb; I believed the birth of my child would make things alright.

I don’t know when but seeing that little boy everyday on my way home turned into a habit. After a few days, I stopped turning my face away from him. For the first time, I noticed his innocent eyes; the eyes held many questions in them. He looked at me with a strange amusement; I smiled at him, he didn’t. He kept staring at me until I was out of sight and so did I. I think we have formed an unknown and strange bond between us.

“There he is…waiting for me…” I think to myself as my car nears the bus stop and I catch a glimpse of him. Luckily, the car stops just in front of the bus stop as the traffic light turns red. I smile as our eyes meet. The boy stands up and starts walking towards my car. I frown and keep looking at him. He stops outside the door and knocks on the car window. I open the window quickly. He stares at me with a straight face for a few seconds;” You look like my dead mother.” he says and turns around to leave. The car starts as the signal turns green.

I ran away from my husband and his territory just a month after my son’s birth; he got full custody of my son as my family couldn’t afford a good lawyer. He never let me meet my son. Today I finally understand why this boy reminded me of my ex-husband when I first saw him.

via Daily Prompt: Territory


  1. Hi Sree !! It’s my pleasure to get in touch with you as your writings are awesome.A sad story which is very beautifully expressed.

    Liked by 1 person

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