“Mum! where is Dad…” little Nia asked, as she half opened her eyes; “He left for war dear, he said goodbye to you before leaving…you were sound asleep then…” her mother smiled.

“…but I couldn’t say goodbye to him…” she looked as if she would break into tears;” Go out on the terrace and say goodbye looking up at the first plane you see flying over our house” her mother replied; the little girl darted towards the staircase.

20 years passed; every year on this day, she still stands on the terrace and stares blankly at every plane flying over their house – “…I couldn’t say goodbye.”

Three Line Tales, Week 61


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23 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. Khub bhalo lekha hoyche

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  2. Today is the anniversary of my father’s death. Every year I have the same thought as that little girl.

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  3. Many of us can relate to your story.

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  4. Aww.. 😦 I’m speechless.

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  5. This is so touching! Well written. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sheetal😊

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  6. Hey!
    I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.
    You can check it out at
    Love xx

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    1. Thanks a lot😊

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  7. I just want you to say pls write a novel a really wanna read your novel these posts are good too but they are short I want to read something bigger than this

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    1. I’m working on it🙂🙂


      1. Great cause when you do I will purchase it just let me know

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      2. Sure🙂 I will


    1. 🙂 thanks for reading it

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