The elixir of love – ask the questions…

I look at you; you look away. I don’t take my eyes off your face. Every time I see you I get happy and sad at the same time. Why am I happy? because I know you love me…and why am I sad? because you never say that…anymore. People say love gets lost with time; I don’t agree. Love gets buried under the layers of ego, broken expectations and the resentment caused by unfulfilled promises. Yes, I resent you for hanging up on me when I was on the verge of breaking into tears yet held them back and said good night; I wonder if you really didn’t hear my sniffles, or if you did but overlooked it. I waited until you finally disconnected the call; tears fell from my eyes and I kept staring at the phone screen, hoping you would call again. You didn’t and I got used to it…may be. You are still looking away Ayan…and I still can’t take my eyes off your face.


I know you are looking at me, but I’m not. You know why! Because whenever I do, I see thousand questions in your eyes. I feel that I am guilty of something that I fail to comprehend; What is my mistake? What is it that you want from me? Did you notice that I was gazing at you as you were standing in the queue at the food counter? You didn’t. I was hoping that your eyes would catch mine, and you would blush as you did the first time we met. And that day, when I said goodnight over phone but wished you would want to talk more, you kept quiet. You were crying, I know. But why didn’t you stop me…why didn’t you call me back? You always fail to notice my efforts Ahana, and I just got used to it…may be.


They both sigh and Ayan looks at Ahana; they seek answers from each other, while none of them considers asking the questions.

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


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