Was I dreaming?

“Ria!…Ria!…” I heard a quiet voice in the distance. I was dreaming, or so I thought.

“Ria!…” this time the calmness of the voice startled me. A moment later, I heard a soft laughter; it resembled that of a young girl. My heart skipped a beat.

Was I still dreaming? Maybe yes, I was. But what if I wasn’t? The thought made my heart stand still. Suddenly it felt like I was awake; my eyes were shut, yet I was fully aware of what was going on around me. My whole body went numb; I couldn’t move my hands and legs. I squeezed my eyes shut and pretended to be sound asleep.

For the next couple of minutes, I heard nothing. I sighed with relief or so I imagined.

“It was definitely a dream.” I just began to convince myself when…

“Ria!…” someone whispered; this time the voice was pretty close. A second later, I again heard someone laugh. My heart started pounding like crazy. I tried to move my hands and reach out to my sister lying next to me, but both my hands were senseless.I felt as if it was standing by my head and waiting to call out my name again.

Suddenly the entire bed jerked beneath me. I wanted to shout, but I couldn’t; I felt like my tongue got tied inside. I was caged inside my own body with no control over it. ” Am I dreaming?” I asked myself, hoping for a positive reply.

“Yes.” a part said. “Huh! does dream feel so real?” the other part replied. I started praying to God. Suddenly my side of the bed started going up as if someone lifted it up from the ground.

I couldn’t take it any longer; I gathered all my courage and managed to utter one word – ” Shree!” It was my sister’s name. She didn’t answer. She probably had no idea what was going on in our room…or was it in my dream? I wasn’t sure. The bed was gingerly brought down to the ground a few seconds later.

A few minutes passed; nothing happened. Even though I didn’t dare to open my eyes, I shifted a bit towards my sister’s side, touched her and clutched her night dress tightly. I was finally relieved.

“I’m safe now.” I said to myself after a few more minutes passed in silence.

As soon as I opened my eyes next morning, I looked out of the window and seeing the light outside, I felt positive and fearless. I smiled and looked next to me; Shree was not there. I got out of our bed, brushed quickly and went to the dining room where everyone was having their breakfast.

“Hey you know…last night I had a scary dream…it was meaningless and creepy…” I told them all about last night with utmost surety that it was a nightmare.

When I finished, Mom and Shree stole glances at each other. They narrowed their eyes at me and stared for a while.

” What?” I asked with a perplexed expression.

” Last night…” Shree hesitated; a moment later she added,” after you went to bed, Mom and I watched TV in her bedroom and I dozed off in her bed…I didn’t sleep in our room.”

Her words gave me many sleepless nights, but few questions remained unanswered. – Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. Thank you. Interesting one. I didn’t expect the end this way though. It’s scary when this happen at mid night – when one can’t move any part of their body but they are actually sleeping. Let’s say, when a part of the dream is merging with part of the reality.

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