You are no God to me…

Mom & Dad,

You are no God to me. You are just human beings. You made mistakes and at times I thought I hated you; I blamed you for so many things that I have lost count of. 

Mom – you were wrong when you didn’t stand up for me even when you felt you should have; I looked to you for support and you kept mum. I hated it when I cried myself to sleep every night lying next to you in bed, but you kept mum. I still wonder if you understand my silence every time I fall short of words. Aren’t you supposed to…?

Dad – You were wrong when you made fun of me in front of my cousins, friends, relatives. You never fully understood me; you still don’t. I hated it when you doubted my capabilities coz I am a girl; you still do, don’t you? 

You both were wrong when you thought confining me to the four walls of a room would keep me safe from beasts of the outside world.

But today I wonder why I blamed you…why I hated you. Did you two really deserve that after everything you did for me? You know! I know the answer; I thought you were God and God never makes mistakes. Today when I look back on those days, I feel I had asked too much of you. You were two mere human beings who abandoned their own dreams to help me fulfill mine.

Dad – You did a job that maybe you hated, yet never dared to quit, so I could sleep peacefully and dream of my dream job. 

Mom – You are my idol. Someday I would love to become a woman like you. I still don’t know if you understand me, but that’s okay. Do I completely understand you? Definitely not.

You are not God. You are just human beings, who can never be replaced even by God.

                                                                          – From a daughter who asked too much of you.

_ Chirasree, a dreamer.


  1. I really like the progression of thought here, from being critical of parents, to a more nuanced understanding of their motivations. I find it’s so much easier to empathise with our parents as we get older!

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