The hungry little boy

Seeing the glow sign outside the restaurant, the little boy pulled at his mother’s sleeve and said – “Ma, I’m hungry…I want to have some meat…”; his mother grabbed his hand tightly, hushed him up and held out her begging bowl to the couple entering the ‘Quality Meats’ restaurant.

Shahana could not take her eyes off the little boy as she entered the meat shop with her husband; tears welled up in her eyes as she stared into the sad eyes of the boy – ” can we not give them some money…”before she could finish, her husband said – ” don’t trust these fake people…excuse me!” He called out to the waiter.

Raju,  the waiter at the ‘Quality Meats’ restaurant, took order from the couple and brought the same to the chef inside the kitchen; he took a small carry bag out of his pocket and put some rice and two pieces of meat inside it; the chef smiled and asked,” that poor lady with her little boy showed up again…am I right?”

Three line tales, Week 60


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