Controversy – a public dispute concerning a matter of opinion.

That’s what I found when I searched it on Google. Nice choice of words! But what causes that dispute or disagreement? When do you disagree with something?

The answer according to me is: When you cannot accept it or do not want to, knowing very well that it is the correct thing.

I was watching a movie yesterday, where they showed how women should focus on their career along with their family and they should not let the world decide what is right or wrong for them. I felt very happy and positive after I came out of the movie hall. I was walking with my boyfriend and suddenly an old couple walked past us; they had also come out of the same hall. The old man said to his wife – ‘ These movies spoil the girls in our country, you know…how can we let them decide what is right for themselves? It should be their parents’ call or their husband’s. These movies encourage the modern culture, they try to bring the western culture into our country and spoil our daughters.’ The old lady remained silent; she nodded approval though.

My boyfriend and I were awestruck. ‘What did he just say? And look at his wife…she kept mum. After all, she is a woman!’ I made a face and asked my boyfriend.

‘How long will she keep mum?…the day she or his daughter open their mouth, these controversy seekers would be silenced once and for all.’ My boyfriend replied, throwing an angry look at the man.

This was just an example! You know…that’s my way of conveying my thoughts to you. – Chirasree, a dreamer.

via Daily Prompt: Controversy


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