My definition of luck

What is luck? something that’s written in the stars? Well, I believe it’s true. Today I was looking up at the sky and trying to sketch a picture by joining the stars with an imaginary shiny glittery line. You know what, I felt lucky to be able to sit under the sky and watch the stars after a long long time. You must be thinking I had an overall good day, and that’s the reason merely staring at the stars made me joyous. No, I didn’t…it was a bad and tiring day at work. Today I hated my job a little more than I did yesterday. But my definition of luck is different; give me just 2 minutes of your valuable time.

Suppose you make a blunder at work and your boss humiliates you in front of your whole team. You keep muttering curses under your breath until you reach home and then go straight to your room slamming the door behind. It’s bad luck…I agree. But then you hear your Mom call you out standing outside the door and when you open the door in a huff, you find her standing before you with a plate in her hand; ‘Are you sick? Eat something, you’ll feel better…come I’ll feed you by hand.’ She says. Do you see the innocence on her face? Isn’t that enough to make you feel lucky at this moment?

I know probably you wouldn’t consider yourself lucky when you’ll look at the stars like I do. Let’s have a look around; can you see that red flower hanging from the tree…or the yellow one? Look at it…beautiful, isn’t it? Brought a smile to your face?

Okay…now open your purse and take out some money. Give it to a security guard at your office, or a gardener, or to a maid; tell them – ‘You deserve it…it’s your reward for the hard work that you put in everyday.’ See that smile on their face? No, no it won’t make you feel lucky…it will give them the taste of good luck.

Do you feel a little better now? Huh! I’m lucky then.

via Daily Prompt: Luck


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