Caged – I set her free. Did you?

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted everyone to like her; she would always end up seeking reassurance that you thought she was good. The little girl would hold back all her emotions, all her opinions, all her wishes just to hear from her parents- ‘You did us proud’.

Before I tell you her story, I want to know -‘What makes you like someone?’ – if they pretend to like you, if they don’t have the guts to say no to your face or if in spite of knowing that you are wrong, they nod approval to your opinion. Putting it differently, someone who is your captive.

Well, then let me tell you that the girl had once possessed all these qualities. But alas! you still didn’t like her. You said she didn’t have an opinion of her own. You mistook her quietness for dumbness. She just lowered her head, swallowed hard and sniffed back her tears. She kept mum; her inner voice shouted – ‘My opinion will shake every belief of yours.’ You smirked in a condescending manner and thought you were superior. I wonder if you were really that moronic, or just wanted to hide your insecurities.

Then one day you met me. You asked me questions which if answered diplomatically would make you feel good about yourself, but I replied in the negative. You were offended, but smiled to hide your embarrassment. You asked for my opinion, expecting I would agree with you; but my opinion differed from yours. That didn’t make you happy either; you swallowed hard and said, ‘you have changed’. You began to walk away.

‘The dumb girl has grown up and now have a opinion of her own…isn’t that great?’ I said, looking right into your eyes.

The expression on your face told me you didn’t like me either.

‘I don’t care anymore’. The little dumb girl whispered inside me; she jumped for joy as she was finally set free from her cage.



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