…From a mad lover

You are sitting before me with your eyes directed towards your mobile. I look at your face and remember the time when I first saw you. I was standing in a crowded school bus and you were walking on the road. We both had known each other since we were in the same class in high school. You looked at me and smiled; it was a strange mischievous smile. I will never forget that smile on your face. I don’t know why but I blushed. I keep telling myself that I didn’t like you back then, but is it true? Probably I did; deep down I knew you were the one I was destined to be with. Do you remember just a few months later you proposed to me? I said yes. It was a day I will cherish all my life. Do you know how long I had waited for that day to come? It still feels like a dream. When I recollect the moment, my vision seems hazy; I can only hear you say ‘I love you’. I don’t remember what happened next; it’s all vague. It has been 11 long years since the day we met and we are still together. We are sitting across a table and I am looking at you with the same love and affection. I still remember that one line you had written on the cover of a greeting card you gifted me on our first Valentine’s day – ‘…From your mad lover’; It still brings a shy smile to my face.

But why don’t you look back at me? Can’t you see that I’m staring at your face for so long? Why don’t you smile like you did on the first day? What is there inside that phone that you can’t find in me? I reach for you hands, but they are already occupied by holding that phone. I place my hands on your wrist; you look up and ask,” Do you want to say something?” I shake my head, not knowing what to say. You get busy with your mobile again.

A voice inside me yells aloud,” Where is my mad lover? Is he lost?” – Chirasree, a dreamer


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